Customizable Flex form

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This is the most appealing feature of GreetsCo completely developed in Flex 5. The form is more user-friendly with a neat UI design. It was developed to enable the users of to compose their card according to their own taste.

Nowadays most of the greeting card websites available in the market, do allow its users to enter their personal message to be displayed in the card, but the messages that you enter will just appear outside the card (i.e., either beneath the card or above the card). Hence the receiver will see a regular greeting card and your message separately in two different parts of your card.

But in GreetsCo, the texts can be embossed inside the card and hence appears as if the card is totally designed for the receiver. Hence it is a easy way to make an everlasting impression in the minds of the receiver. Personalizing the card is just a few clicks ahead.
Enter your short and sweet greeting message and a considerably long wish in the text areas provided. If you are too busy to write or bored of writing, then don’t worry. For your convenience we have a list of greeting texts. Click the button “Choose a greeting text” and pick one from the list and also if necessary, modify it. One click on the button “Save And Preview”, you can see the texts is now properly placed inside the card and it is also animated, either two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally. In addition, we also provide options to change the look of the card. We have a fine collection of attractive frames listed in the bottom of the form. Click the one you like and then watch, the frame now decorates your card. So, each and every card is uniquely designed and thus proves to be more satisfactory feature for the users.

Another important feature is, a unique everlasting short URL is created for each and every card you send. This URL serves most to share your card easily in many social networks. So enjoy and share your love and wishes all around the world.

Thanks to Vasanth.N for the gentle design and Arul. G for making it work effectively.

Customizable Flex Form


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