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Full free high quality greeting cards and wallpapers

We understand the importance of making each and every occasion memorable. So, choose one among our finest collection of All-occasion cards, Birthday cards, Love cards, etc., to make an everlasting impression and also to win the love of your dear ones.


There are many unique features in GreetsCo that makes it really stand out of all available greeting cards sites.

1. Highly customizable

Bored of static greeting cards? Have you found any greeting card site in the market that can incorporate your personal greeting message and animate it finely too?
Visit now, to experience the next generation method of designing and customizing the greeting cards that can perfectly reflect your mood. Value your card by adding your own texts in it or choose from the list of available texts. Also design your card by selecting a frame that suits it well. One click on the button “Save and Preview”, you can see your private texts is fitted well inside your card and is animated either two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally. Thus each card is unique and random. It carries your personal touch in it and hence proves to be the best way of sharing love and spreading your wishes among people.

2. Unique URL

To add more to the unique quality of your greeting card, each card you send has a never-dying short URL. Easy sharing of your greeting cards becomes effective now.

3. Wallpapers

In addition to the greeting cards GreetsCo also affords free high quality wallpapers/calendars that can fulfill all your desktop needs. There is a considerable collection of wallpapers designed in Flash, Photoshop, Blender and hand-drawn wallpapers too. Visit to get and set desktop wallpapers that matches your screen resolution. Thanks to the Smashing Magazine for selecting and publishing some of our wallpapers.

4. Quick loading

You may think a website with all such features may consume a long time to load. But, to match with the fastest changes in the technology and to save your time, we have made our site to load in less than a second.

5. Technologies used

The site was fully developed in HTML5, PHP and MySQL and Flash. Colorful Flash interfaces prove to be a great positive feature of GreetsCo. Highly usable form was developed in Flex 4 using most of the customizable Flex components with AMFPHP.

We have also developed an Android App to help our users send our finest cards using their mobile. Visit to download and install our application.

We are happy to say that we have considerable number of visits daily and have a stunning statistics.
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