Lovely Romantic Dream Island: 3D animation

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One of the finest 3D animated greeting card designed and animated in Blender under the theme “Valentine’s Day celebrations”.
Having a close look at the 3D model, we can see more heart shapes combined together to form the blue sky, the clouds, the dream home, the path outside and the leaves of the tree. The island is also shaped as well, and wow! the trunk of the tree also resembles the same shape.

Rich colors of the sky, the tree, the island and the clear water beneath enhances the beauty of the model. As the camera moves all around the model, each heart in love, may wish to celebrate their Valentine’s day in such a lovely location.
Thanks for watching its animation in

Concept, design and animation done by Vasanth. N for GreetsCo.

Lovely Romantic Dream Island 3D animation

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