MAY Sun brings Fun

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Sunny holiday season is the time to play lot of games and to have more fun. In addition to physical fitness, these Indian native games develop skills like aiming, concentration, basic mathematics, hand-eye co-ordination and also increases the bonding between generations.

This work was done to recollect the fun and the frolic of the outdoor games under the hot sun. Some of the ancient games have been completely forgotten. Nowadays, kids confine themselves to the comfort of air-conditioned homes, watching TV or playing virtually on their i Pads, Comps or PS3s. We wish they should venture out and find their own summer adventure.

We aspire that these games has to be brought back to life.


Published in Smashing Magazine as wallpaper-calendar on the month of May 2011 and this was one of the most liked work all around the globe.

Joint work by Narendar. N and Vasanth. N.

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